Question of the day:

“What is the difference between BPM and BPR”

Short Explanation:

Even though both of them have many similarities in terms of Business Process, both terminologies have different meaning in implementation.

Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Basically BPR is a “radical approach” to current business process system. The idea is removing all unnecessary process flow in the business process and is replacing it with the better one at one time.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Instead of removing and replacing all unnecessary business process at one time, BPM uses softer approach by continually improving existing business process.

BPM is about maintaining daily operations while BPR is about breaking day to day operations and making a new enhance version.  You may use BPR if you start a new business because it can result in better leverage of available resources and improved performance level.

BPM is about to manage performance of existing process while BPR is improving performance that are : cost, quality, speed etc.

BPR is suitable to be employed in the design phase to adapt change and to support new strategic objectives such as new organization and new operation model. While BPM is just a continuous improvement of management.

Even though both BPM and BPR have similar objectives that is to optimize effectiveness and efficiency in doing business, they should be treated distinctly.